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   asset class?
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   for ICOs of SMEs and ICO trading

ICO = Initial Coin Offering or
STO = Security Token Offering

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or better Security Token Offering (STO) is a revolutionary way of raising capital for companies. Especially start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can solve their funding problems, as the capital raising process is fast, easy and exceptionally cost-effective. That is why ICOs in America and Asia have boomed over the past years and are now coming to Europe. First German companies have already realized their ICOs up to 100m EUR successfully. The now favored security token will boost the market additionally ( 

Since 1994, IR CONSULT has been a specialist for investor relations and going publics – that means normal IPOs. However, these require a lot of preparations (audited financial statements, securities prospectus, due diligence, etc.), approvals (BaFin, stock market) and regulations (disclosure and follow-up obligations) that make them quite expensive. Because of this time and cost intensity, this is not a realistic financing option for young, capital-seeking companies.

ICOs/STOs are a superior alternative or even
often the solution for start-ups and SMEs.

IR CONSULT uses its specialized knowledge as well as its established contacts to the financial world for start-ups and SMEs, too, and advises them on their ICO/STO preparations and follow-up activities. Your ICO/STO will be quicker and cheaper. We are specialist for realization and post-ICO/STO investor relations.

Because an ICO/STO today can also lead to an IPO in the medium term, which can then be much easier to implement.

Please read our ICO brochure about ICO/STO Advisory.

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What is an ICO/STO?
How to issue an ICO?

In the case of an ICO, a company issues itself or via an ICO exchange own coins or better token instead of own shares (IPO) or a stake (VC). Interested investors can then buy these and usually pay with a crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethers, etc.). The technical processing and booking on the account (wallet) of the investor is using the blockchain technology. That is why we speak of a "digital share".

It is advisable to conduct an ICO/STO with an ICO exchange, which not only helps with the issue, but also enables a regular, transparent and cost-effective secondary trading for the token. In addition, such crypto exchanges have established access to interested investors worldwide, making the placement of coins faster and more successful.

The money raised flows directly to the company and can be used for the planned future and growth investments. There are some variations of token (sometimes as equity). Utility tokens are without any voting rights and very flexible as far as the contract clauses are concerned. Security token also allow dividend payments. In contrast to crowdfunding, which is often realized via a subordinated loan, which therefore has to be repaid, the ICO capital is available to the company over the long term.

In addition to speculators, the current ICO/STO investors also include more serious investors, private investors and, increasingly, institutional fund managers. They either receive certain benefits from the company, such as vouchers or similar, or a kind of profit-based dividend. Therefore there are reward, utility or security token (STO).

Especially instititional investors are interested in dividends and in rising prices of the token, if the company's investments realize the expected positive results. Trading on an ICO exchange now makes it possible to realize these gains.

Our article about: How do ICOs become an accepted asset class? can you find here.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an ICO/STO

Funding through ICOs brings remarkable benefits to companies, which is also the reason for the ICO boom that has now arrived in Europe. (article)

In December 2017, the German capital market regulator, BaFin, classified ICOs as "highly speculative investment", but did not pronounce a general ban. But in February 2019 BaFin allowed the first German STO. For this reason too, we would like to give the following advice to ICO investors, although this page is only intended for companies:
- read all documents and assess whether the project is plausible !
- invest only if you can bear losses !
- do not invest in case of doubt !
- track the ongoing development of the company !

When listing the advantages and disadvantages as well as the opportunities and risks, of course, you have to differentiate between company and investor.

Advantages Companies:


- fast and cost-effective capital
  raising for start-ups and SMEs
- via ICO/STO platform even

  worldwide and across all

  investor classes
- also suitable for larger amounts
- long-term capital that does not

  have to be repaid
- for nearly all companies
- only a few documents needed
- partly no approvals or 

- partly no right to vote
- somtimes equity similar

- company determines rights of

  token owners
- no collaterals necessary
- public awareness is increased
- more and more ICO/STO funds
- facilitated follow-up emissions 


Disadvantages Companies:

- no placing guarantee
- no regulated public offer
- placement of tokens within a
  fixed period of time (usually
  30 days)
- higher transparency through
  company documents
- more regulation of STO
- expenses for ICO marketing
  and investor relations
- money neccessary for the ICO 


- part of the crypto community
- access early in the company or
  product life cycle
- access to alternative
  investments (VC, start-ups)
- diversification of capital
- participation possible even with
  small amounts
- purchase and sale via ICO/STO
  exchange possible
- high returns through profit
  sharing and value creation 


- partly no regulation (utility) 
- partly only a few company           information available
- maybe too expensive 
- possibly low liquidity and high
- often buying cryptocurrencies
  to trade ICO/STO necessary
- danger from fraudulent offers
- share of profit, or increase in
  value uncertain
- up to 100% risk of loss (VC)
- risks in technology: Blockchain,
  hackers etc. 


ICO/STO Consulting of
Clear Advantages

The issuance of token (ICO or STO) requires documents and information about the company/project. 

In practice, the following documents have emerged as usual and helpful:

- meaningful website with part for ICO/STO investors
- videos and photos to explain the desired projects
- product brochures etc.
- 'White Paper':
   This is a kind of business plan with details about the company, the
   current business, the future project, its financing and the
   expected business development.
- possibly more 'Papers' about the technology, patents, legal
   matters etc.
- for security token (STO) an approved prospectus is neccessary
- token sale sheet, i. e. details about the number of coins, the timing
   of the issue and the rights of the buyer etc.

The preparation of this company information should be possible within two or three months. Many of these documents can also be used by the company for other purposes, such as loans, M&A, marketing, and so on.

However, despite the partly small amount of documentation, the preparations required a special knowledge for the issue itself, as well as for the subsequent permanent investor relation.

ICO/STO Consulting by IR CONSULT

IR CONSULT can carry out a kind of capital market maturity test ( about the ICO/STO-candidate before the company spend further funds on the preparation of the intended ICO.

As the only provider of integrated IPO consulting ( we can assist you in

- decision finding pro / contra ICO/STO
- project and team management
- selection of the best token type
- search for a professional crypto lawyer (external)
- ICO/STO structuring and placing strategy
- assist in the preparation of all necessary documents 
- looking for the best IT and  ICO platform (external)
- supporting the helpful PR work
- ICO marketing strategy and selection of the best specialist 
- establishing of investor relations
- initiation of ICO research or ICO rating (external)
- contact for investors and journalist during the ICO/STO
- support of the token placing
- post ICO/STO investor relations

Highlighting the genuineness, solidity and professionalism of the ICO/STO candidate is of paramount importance, especially to convince the currently rather negatively focused financial press in Germany.

An ICO/STO candidate benefits from our specialist knowledge as well as our international investor network, which has been established over the last 25 years.

The whole ICO/STO project can therefore be implemented even quicker and faster, its placement opportunities increase and the management has enough time for its operational business, the actual basis for the ICO/STO.

It remains our goal to realize an IPO in the medium-term and to change the token into shares.

Brief Information about IR CONSULT:

IR CONSULT has been a successful consultant for capital market issues (M&A, VC, PE, etc.) since 1994, as well as for corporate offerings (IPO, corporate bonds) and fundamental investor relations.

As additional information about IR CONSULT you can download our Company Flyer   
or visit our websites oder

Capital Market Know-how

Our team consists of 
equity analysts, investment bankers, fund managers 
and PR specialists.

Ideal Completions

Our consulting spectrum
is rounded off by
efficient financial communication, international cooperation and active participation in various networks (DVFA, bdvb, LinkedIn, Xing etc.).


More than 100 IPOs

Our IRC team has broad experiences from nearly 100 IPOs and over 100 IR mandates in central Europe.

Top References

Numerous and long-standing mandates of well-known stock listed companies underline our successful and clearly focused consulting approach with optimal value for money for our customers.


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